'This Town and Me" is an album of my own songs, the content is introspective, and was influenced by the people and places in my life.

I've worked with a great musician, Nigel Cuff, and all but two of the tracks have lead vocals by Michigan singer David Cagle.  David brings a real American feel to the album, with his brilliant interpretation and delivery.

There are several labours of love on the album, none more so than 'Middlesbrough', a trip down the streets & alleys where I grew up.

There is a remix of my tribute to the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll, Suzi Quatro. 'Leather and Bass - Can The Can Remix', is a coming-of-age tale of a teenager in 1973, and that night Suzi made her first appearance on Top of the Pops.

'Ron' was inspired by my son's time in the Royal Navy serving on HMS Lancaster, whilst 'Lauren Veronica, Where Do You Go' was inspired by my teenage dreamer daughter.  

'Prettiest Eyes' sits neatly alongside 'They Say a Lot of Things Michele'.

'Jimmy Doesn't Look for Trouble' is the story of a hard guy who addresses his problems the old fashioned way, whilst 'Lonely Angel' highlights a sad but all-too-familar problem.

We went a bit country for 'The Idaho Trucker', and Nigel contributed a great lead vocal to the rocker 'The Girl is Wild'.