Jimmy doesn’t look for trouble

hazy tarmac bright horizon puts his foot down to the floor four long years in mexico, he ain’t going back there any more he’s had so much time to think yeah time and time again hits the fast lane, hits the volume, in the city, worried men jimmy doesn’t look for trouble, trouble looks for him donna called she asked for help, now he’s back put the word out on the street, ‘cause jimmy’s on his way fists full of anger, there’ll be a price to pay next day on the boulevard, jimmy’s taking in the sun billy ray walks by and sees him, on his heels he tries to run jimmy throws him down the alley, billy ray just spills it all donna’s got the wrong attention, jimmy’s back against the wall edgy night in neon clubland, jimmy goes unrecognised benny’s drinking in the pool room, turns around with some surprise fists are flying, girls are screaming, jimmy’s hurt but he’s okay benny and his boys are down, jimmy turns and walks away

leather and bass - can the can mix

in seventy three i was just fourteen, long hair, flares and platform shoes thursday night and top of the pops, blowin’ away the teenage blues crazy days, glam rockin' the world, but one of those nights stands out from the rest there on the screen stood the rock ‘n’ roll queen, the others were good, but she was the best black skin tight leather, her bass in her hand, behind her the tough lookin’ guys in the band the boy in me suddenly felt like a man, the night suzi quatro rocked out can the can sun comin' up on a bright new day, saturday high street record shops posters and magazines passing the time, waiting for thursday and top of the pops stood at the edge of a different world, life is for living and now i could see i was payin’ a lot more attention to girls, and they started payin' attention to me seventy three was a great time to be, rock’n’roll beat of a teenage heart pumping the blood for the time of my life, was coming of age, and this was the start music kicked into the wild in us all, powerhouse bass-girl lookin' so good she got in my head back in seventy three, makin' me feel like a growin' boy should


born in a northern working town april rain on the river tees rich iron stone pulled from the ground irreverent language rides the breeze unwritten rules in rugged schools jobs round here so hard to find kids learn fast don’t grow up fools got to get a grip or get left behind this town and me we’re getting old it’s face has changed but not its soul it’s never been too rock ‘n’ roll give me Middlesbrough streets and alleys like old friends been with me since way back when leave to just come back again give me Middlesbrough the bond between this town and me foundations of the family tree you’ve got to look to really see just give me Middlesbrough give me Middlesbrough you can keep your capital city and your underground just a tourist attraction crazy traffic and crowds this proud old girl she’ll steal the show yeah you know gotta get back back to Middlesbrough my old man worked on the steel young man married a south bank girl they worked so hard for a better deal born to a two up two down world from the centre of town to the riverside genuine people through and through transporter bridge a tear in my eye been gone to long coming back to you

lauren veronica where do you go? 

lauren veronica where do you go when you turn the light out and you dream? does a prince or a vagabond star in your show does he treat my princess like a queen? spellbound in magic that binds you to me the lifeline i share with you you say you love me, well i love you more and i think it’s time that you knew lauren veronica where do you go do you ride a white horse in your sleep? does he take you to places that you want to go does he give you secrets to keep? spellbound in magic that binds me to you the lifeline you share with me i love how it feels when i look in your eyes and my own eyes look back at me lauren veronica where have you been to steal all their hearts with a smile? morning light open her pretty green eyes dream catcher stay for a while spellbound in magic that binds you to me the lifeline i share with you see how the stars come alive when you smile sunbeams right out of the blue lauren veronica where do you go?

the girl is wild 

the come-on eyes, the way she smiled you’re feeling high, this girl is wild and now she knows, you’re on the hook the game is on, she’s got that look you’re caught up in the spell and it will take you straight to hell but you don’t care in the eye of the tiger she’s a heartbreak child like a hedron collider you know she’s blowing your mind she’s ready to attack, you know there ain’t no going back, this girl is wild the first time i set eyes on her well all i could do was stare and those figure-hugging jeans just blew my mind to smithereens and with that long black hair oh i’m in love with her, yeah you wanna know how this will end go fifty-fifty, or phone a friend she’s looking hot, and oh-so-cool this girl could burn you, make you a fool then she whispers you a warning she will rock you ‘til the morning, and you’re gone in the eye of the tiger she’s a heartbreak child like a hedron collider you know she’s blowing your mind she’s ready to attack, you know there ain’t no going back, this girl is wild

they say a lot of things Michele

they say the world gets warmer that the ice is melting fast i hear the rain’s a-coming don’t know how long it will last hailstones fall like boulders as the ozone wears away but it just don’t seem to matter on this sunny august day they say a lot of things michele, not all of them are true a fact you can rely on baby, i was born for loving you thunderstorms you’ve never seen as lightning cracks the earth they say the sun will burn right out they’re wrong, for what it’s worth they say there will be tidal waves i guess they could be right it just don’t seem to matter on this warm september night heatwaves bringing wild fires the land is scorched and black the newsman says it’s too late now there ain’t no goin’ back hurricanes are blowin’ hard black clouds overhead so batten down and cabin up we’re hanging by a thread

lonely angel

it’s cold tonight samantha’s hand in her pockets long dark hair blows across her face a runaway drawn by the magnet of the city forgotten stranger in a lonely place ran from home to get away from the demons been hurt in ways someone should never be just sixteen samantha’s scared and abandoned everybody looks but nobody can see her old blue jeans don’t keep her warm at night life is so hard with no home and no friends the wind blows cold and danger lurks in the shadows the morning breaks she starts all over again lonely angel out on the street tonight a silhouette against the neon lights the rain falls hard samantha warms up her hands on her coffee at a table down at Billy’s Grill she draws a sad face in the steam on the window shes a runaway and shes running still


ron didn’t do such a good job in school the class clown just tryin’ to be funny quick in a fight, with a smile for the girls, nobody’s fool, he always had money earned a couple of bob, from a cul-de-sac job cos’ he don’t have qualifications a uniform always impresses the girls the navy could end his frustration the gunship leaves portsmouth, she’s bound for the gulf the band plays, we cheer and watch her go, oh oh-oh the captain salutes and the boys proudly wave from hms lancaster oh woah  oh oh ron was nineteen and becoming a man  he’d write home to mum sending letters far from his family, far from his friends just made the coming home better ron learned the ropes, he was good at his job he grew strong, saw plenty of action saved up his money, he had a few bob but home was a major distraction the warm wind blows dust on the suez canal ron’s on watch, the crew asleep below, oh oh alone on the bridge a young matelot looks out from hms lancaster, oh oh oh, woah oh ron grew up fast but he lived in a cage the mess clown, he's everyone's friend was never forever, it's time for a change so ron started planning the end  he's made up his mind, the ship's heading for home she sails past the tower to cheers a new life calling, he's starting again but first ron'll have a few beers  the moon shines so bright on the channel tonight the lights in the harbour gently glow  wo-oah on old two-two-nine a young matelot salutes from hms lancaster, oh oh oh, woah oh oh 

the idaho trucker

my daddy was a trucker working out of idaho, sometimes he’d take me with him for the day i’d listen to those cowboys singin’ on the radio i always knew i’d grow up to be just like them some way i worked my daddy’s business while i started up a band, playing bar rooms up and down the state i wrote a bunch of songs about a hard truck driving man at every dust road honky-tonk those songs went down just great so hey! ho! roll boys roll, the desert warms your cowboy soul big old rig won’t ever let you down hey! ho! go boys go, sawtooth valley and billie-jo look better every time i come around i‘ve got all a man could want, a cowboy on the road, truckin’ hard but truckin’s always fun waving at the girls along the ponderosa pines steel wheels shining bright against the warm white midday sun the old snake river flows alongside highway eighty-four the road that always brings me right back home to idaho friday night soon comes around, singing with the band, a spit n sawdust bar called crazy mo’s rockin’ out a yarn about the river of no return watching people having fun and dancing toe to toe

prettiest eyes

i remember eighty six when you were seventeen  you had the prettiest eyes i think a man has ever seen driving in the midday heat i saw you walking by ponytail and summer shorts you turned my way and smiled the years rolled by and you and i grew closer every day now i just want to spend my time lovin’ you every which way i couldn’t keep my hands off you we found no time for sleep downtown girl, you rocked my world was heaven, on the cheap we’d hit the town on friday nights weekends in full swing it didn't cost much but you cried when i bought you a ring the years rolled by and you and i grew closer every day now i just want to spend my time lovin’ you every which way we worked all day like young ones do at night we ran a bar  we saved and bought a terrace place i drove a jaguar we started out in eighty six the future unforeseen in my eyes you’ll always be that stunning seventeen